Decluttering Clothes: Asking Yourself Questions + Tips

Decluttering Your Clothes:

Have you always wondered how to properly clean out your closet, and you are in a stump to just go through it and to decide what to get rid of?

Here Are Many Tips To Help You Out!

~Ask yourself, “Does this piece fit me well?” If you are not sure about this, try it on. If it does not fit get rid of it.

~Does it make you happy and satisfied? Does it look good as you think it does? Ask someone if you feel you need to get an opinion and if you are not sure. This way, you can get an second opinion. Remember! Make sure you can ask someone who will be completely honest with you.

~How does it make you feel when you wear the piece of clothing? If the answer is very good keep it, if it is bad get rid of it.

~When did you wear it last? If it has been more then a year you have to get rid of it! You will be happier with less clutter.

~Does the piece of clothing represent your true self and identity? If not give it away.

~Do you have two or more pieces of the same clothing? If so give it away.

~Do you have Jewelry you are never going to wear again? If it is worth a lot of money, take it to a local pawn shop to seize a deal.

~Are you keeping it just because you paid a lot of money for it? Do you wear it at all? If not donate it to someone that would love it more then you do.

~Would you rather have the same piece of clothing in a different colour? If so get the same one in a different colour. Or if you do not remember where you got it, get a similar piece in the colour you want. Get rid of the colour you do not want.

~Does the piece of clothing remind you of an awful memory? If so, get rid of it.

~Are you keeping a piece of clothing because you think you will eventually lose weight and will then fit into it? Get rid of it… If you lose weight you can buy new clothes again. Then, you will have less clutter. Less Clutter over More Money Spending!


~If you are selling clothing make sure it is washed, smells good, and, is in excellent condition.

~Think hard of how much you should price a piece of clothing if you want to try and sell it before you go ahead and sell it. If you think hard about the price you will most likely not make a mistake and will end up getting more offers. Rather then just thinking about a price for one second and posting the item for sale.

~If the clothes are damaged or have holes in it, upcycle it or just throw it away. Do not donate something that is damaged and then other people have to throw it away themselves.

~Get newer clothes that fit you, when you declutter clothes that don’t. If you lost weight or even gained weight.

Remember, get rid of much as much clothing as you can! You will also feel great! Never, forget to reward yourself! You can do it!


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