Decluttering Craft Supplies

Decluttering Craft Supplies can be hard especially if the Craft Supplies are for a Hobby.

If you want to Declutter some Craft Supplies these are the Questions you should ask yourself.

Questions To Ask Yourself When Decluttering Craft Supplies:

1) Is the Craft Supply in stable condition? Is it Damaged or Broken?

~ If the object is damaged or broken, get rid of it.

2) Will I ever use this craft supply in the near future?

~ If you are not going to use it in the near future, get rid of it.

3) Is this Craft Supply Significant to me or have I been keeping it for no reason?

~ Is the Craft Supply significant to you? If you are keeping it for no reason, get rid of it.

4) Is this Craft Supply in Unusable Condition?

~ If it is in unstable condition get rid of it.

5) Do I have multiple items of the same Craft Supply?

~ You don’t need multiple items of the same Craft Supplies.

6) Is this box/bin of Craft Supplies overflowing?

~ If the box/bin is overflowing try keeping the craft supplies, you will actually use in the future.

7) Would someone else like this Craft Supply better then me?

~ If you think someone would enjoy the item better then you, donate the item to someone who will actually use the item and be happy to have it.

What do you do with your Craft Supplies you no longer want?

Sell them: If you have craft supplies that are still new or in excellent condition and worth a little money, you can sell them! This can be a nice way to make a little bit of money for yourself to put towards your next craft, you would love to do. You can try selling your stuff locally at a yard sale or online on sites like Craigslist, Sell Facebook Groups for your location or (On Your Facebook Wall), eBay, or Etsy.
Donate them: Consider donating the Craft Supplies to people that would be happy to have them. If your supplies are appropriate for The Homeless Shelter or Woman’s Shelter in your are, you could try donating to there. You could also ask one of your Family Members or Friends that you think would want to have them. You can also look online for a local crafting collector or non-profit organization that could use your supplies, to recycle them or give them to people in need.
“To truly cherish the things that are important to you, you must discard those that have outlined their purpose”


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