Planning, Organizing and Decluttering Papers

Productivity and Planning.

1) Set aside a time of day. (Evening, Afternoon, Night Time) Whenever works best for you!
~If you haven’t sorted in years you will definitely have to take this chunk out of your time and schedule absolutely! Although, I do highly recommend everybody sets a time for this length no matter how many papers you have in your home.
2) Do it only when you are having a good day, do not try to do it and force yourself if you are in pain, having the worst day ever etc.
~ It is good to set aside time in your calendar, notes or planner. Despite the fact if something comes up an appointment, or you are in a lot of pain etc.
3) Start with the room that annoys you the post with Paper Clutter.
~Getting the first room done that annoys you the most, it will feel the most stressful for your first room. Although, you will feel 100% better when it is done! Promise! ❤
5) Start with only one thing at a time, do not overload yourself. This will Mentally and possibly  Physically drain you.
4) When your time is here Declutter or Organize every single Paper you find.
Decluttering The Papers:
Get Rid Of The Papers You Don’t Need:
~Bills that are paid.
~Coupons that are expired.
~Extra Craft Paper’s of the same type of paper. Only keep as many as you truly need.
~Old Recipes that you never look at or do.
~Books you have read, and will not read it again.
~Books you have not read for more then a year.
~Manuel’s of an item you no longer have.
~Loose Business Cards you never use.
~Loose pieces of paper such as notes, sticky pads etc.
~Old Calendars.
~Receipts from shopping such as, Grocery Store receipts. Only keeps ones you have just in case you have to return an item or have a warranty.
~Colouring Books you will never use.
~Magazines that are already read. (If you do not want to get rid of the Magazine, for whatever reason. Try to clip out the Articles for Future References or Articles you definitely want to keep.
6) When you gather the papers, Organize it by with these steps in your Plastic Bags or Bins.
– To File
– To Recycle
– To Shred
– Donate if Books
Organizing The Papers.

7) Label a Categories for each member of the Family with their name.
8) Organize by your members of your family, and pick categories that you think would work best for you!

Examples Are:

~Warranty for items.
~Life, Home, Travel and Work Insurance.
~Receipts of Expensive Items
~Birth Certificates

Decluttering Organization

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