Organizing Photographs: Non Digital & What You Need

  1. All your unsorted photos and or sorted, (Might be time for re organizing those photos.)
  2. Shoeboxes, File Card Boxes, Paper Grocery Bags or you could even use a Journal.
  3. Permanent Black Marker (You can choose your own colour but I think black works best.)
  4. File Dividers (Bought or Make your own.)


  1. Get your permanent marker.
  2. Cut down or buy file dividers to the measurements of the items you are using. (Items are the first #2)

How to Organize the Photos:

Main Categories:

  1. Label your file organizers by categories such as:


~Baby Photos

~My Childhood


Make sure you only make the main categories first not the Sub-Categories.

Then put the photos into the Main Categories.


Then, this where you get to the details which for example, with the categories I used

So a Main Category would be

School (Main Category):

College ~ 2010

College ~ 2009

College ~ 2008

^ These would be the Sub-Categories ^

Vacations (Main Category):

Los Cabos ~ 2010

Dominican Republic ~ 2006

Netherland ~ 2012

^ These would be the Sub-Categories ^

Try to make Main Categories and categories the sub categories by years. Except if it is a Person’s Photo I think you should do it by age. But remember, by doing categories, take my advice but so what works best for you it could even be Alphabetical Order.


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