Decluttering Sentimental Items: Questions To Ask Yourself + Tips

All of us hold onto Sentimental Items, that we cannot let go of. When Sentimental Items use up space for other things we could have in that space, it’s time to declutter.

Questions To Ask Yourself To Declutter Sentimental Items:

1. Do I truly need this item?

~ I know you might truly love the item but do you truly need it?

2. Is this item using up too much space?

~ If the item uses up too much space, then you should seriously think of getting rid of it.

3. Could I place another item I truly need in this space?

~ Do you need this space for something else, that you truly need? If so time to get rid of the item.

4. Do I truly need more then 1 item from someone that passed away?

~ You don’t need more then one item from someone who has passed away.

5. Is this item from someone who you no longer speak with?

~ If the item is from someone I no longer speak with, time to get rid of this item.

6. Do I like the design of the item, and how it looks?

~ If you don’t like the colours or designs you need to get rid of the item. You can place another item there which is in your scale of liking.


~ Follow these instructions too feel better of getting rid of sentimental items.

~ If you can’t decide on any of these questions for an item, then come back to the item at a later date.

~ Remember getting rid of sentimental items can be hard! Try not to get upset with yourself.


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