My 4 Must Have Office Supplies

  1. Papermate Flair Pens

Ever since I have found these fine liner pens I have been in love with them. These are by far the nicest fine liner pens I have bought. They have a very fine tip that you can add details for example, if it is a very difficult colouring page where you need to get in very small spots. If you are looking for excellent coloured pens Papermate Flair Pens are the way to go.

2. 5 Star Lined Paper

Now this set of lined paper is a bit more expensive, but the set is worth it. I hate nothing more then having lined paper that is so light and can tear easily. If you get 5 Star Lined paper you do not have to worry about your paper tearing easily. This paper is thick and heavy duty. For writing notes or school work this is my must have for lined paper.

3. Zebra Midliners

These markers act like a highlighter but they come in multiple colours. I have always hated having a low selection on highlighter colours. Ever since I found these online I have been in love with them ever since. They are excellent for highlighting things or  making a title for notes. I love having the option now, of having multiple colours that can boost attention to a paper.

4. Post-It Notes

These are excellent if you need to put notes places to remind you of doing things. They are also brilliant for putting reminders on sheets of papers that you cannot write on. Post-It Notes are a major must have to get tasks done.


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