How To Make Smart Goals

Smart Goals steps:

  1. Get a piece of paper, journal, or an application on your computer to write/type in.
  2. Answer the Smart Goals questions below.
  3. Keep your journal, piece of paper, or application on your computer about your Smart Goals safe.
  4. Look back at your Smart Goals every once in awhile.

Questions to answer for Smart Goals: 

S – Specific 

~ What exactly needs to be accomplished?

~ Who else will be involved to support me?

~ Where will this take place?

~ Why do I want to accomplish this goal?

M – Measurable 

~ How will I know I’ve succeeded?

~ How much change needs to occur?

~ How many accomplishments or actions will it take?

A – Attainable 

~ Do I have, or can I get, the resources needed to achieve this goal?

~ Is the goal a reasonable stretch for me? (Neither out of reach nor to easy)

~ Are the actions I plan to take likely to bring success?

R – Relevant 

~ Is this a worthwhile goal for me right now?

~ Is it meaningful to me? – or something others think I should do?

~ Would it prevent or delay me from achieving a more important goal?

~ Am I willing to achieve this goal?

T- Time bound 

~ What is the deadline for reaching this goal?

~ What do I need to take action?

~ What can I do today?


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