8 Self-Care Bullet Journal Spreads

Self-Care is crucial too improving your entire well-being and everyone needs self-care in their lives.

1. Life Is Full Of Beautiful Things

With this spread, you think of a word that is in regards to your life which you think is beautiful. These words could be, activities you love, things you love participating in your life, or something that inspires you.

After you have thought of your words you can choose to make an option to make a doodle that goes along with the word.

2. Doctor’s Appointments

If you have ongoing health problems and you have a lot of medical appointments you have to attend, this layout is perfect for you. This is strategic layout to keep up with all of your upcoming medical appointments.

You will never miss an appointment with this layout!

3. Self-Care Is Not Selfish

Self-Care is not selfish, is a layout about aspects of your life and the ways you can participate in self-care activities regarding each aspect.

Mind: These would be activities that are encouraging and excellent for your mind. Some activities that would go along with this aspect are, talking to someone, or creating affirmations.

Body: These would be activities that are good for your physical well-being such as, exercising, or eating healthy foods.

Sprit: These would be activities that are good for your soul. Some examples would be praying, colouring, or loving life more.

4. “Me” Time

This layout is about doing activities in your life that are only about you. It is not about self-care activities that involve other people. This is solely focusing on self-care activities that only involve yourself.

Some examples for “Me” Time would be, getting a manicure or pedicure, journaling, a coffee date just with yourself and more.

5. Worry Reduction Tips

This self-care layout is about things you can do to help yourself not worry about certain things as much.

Things you can help yourself not to worry as often could be, not caring what other people think, or focusing on the positives when you worry.

6. My Skincare

This is an excellent layout for a specific self-care activity. Skincare is important so your skin looks healthy. You can make a list of the steps you can take to improve your skincare. Also you can choose to make doodles or not with your skin care steps.

7. Be Intentional

Be intentional is a excellent layout for improving the approaches you partake in your life. These could be things you can do to improve your thought process and your life.

8. Look After Yourself First

This self-care layout is similar too #3 and #1. This layout does not involve doodles although you can always add doodles if you want too. These are activities you can partake in which improves your entire wellbeing.

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