40 Intriguing Self-Care Affirmations

Sorry I have not been posting for awhile. I have been battling some personal issues.

I decided to make this blog post because, everybody needs self-care affirmations in their lives. We need to focus on the positive when their are plenty of negative scenarios happening in the world.

20 Self-Care Affirmations:

  1. “I can become into a more positive person.”
  2. “I need to never give up even though things can be hard.”
  3. “I can always think of the things I am grateful for.”
  4. “I need to put myself sometimes first before other people.”
  5. “Mental health is just as important as physical health.”
  6. “I need to give myself breaks from working to hard.”
  7. “When I stay active it will be better for my mental and physical health.”
  8. “I need to focus on the positive instead of focusing on the negative.”
  9. “I need to slow down from worrying about things constantly.”
  10. “I need time for myself and I don’t always need others.”
  11. “Putting myself first is an okay thing to do.”
  12. “I don’t need others approval.”
  13. “I don’t always need other people to believe in me.”
  14. “I need to remove toxic people from my life.”
  15. “If no one else knows the truth at least I know the truth.”
  16. “I don’t need others to validate my opinion.”
  17. “I should always love my body and not hate it.”
  18. “Being myself is a fine thing to do and I do not need society’s approval.”
  19. “I love being alone I shall not let others judge this.”
  20. “I should always work on having a higher sense of confidence.”
  21. “I do not always need to rely on others, I can also be independent.”
  22. “I will always love myself.”
  23. “I never need to care what other people think of me.”
  24. “My religion is what I believe in and I should not allow anyone to change my beliefs.”
  25. “I am beautiful and I will not allow anyone to tell me otherwise.”
  26. “I will not allow others to abuse me verbally, physically, mentally or sexually.”
  27. “I will not allow someone to manipulate me to participate in something I do not agree with.”
  28. “I will not allow myself to get involved with bad things.”
  29. “I will always take care of myself.”
  30. “Taking time for myself is not a bad thing.”
  31. “I need breaks from working hard and this is fine.”
  32. “I will always try my best to be polite.”
  33. “When I am kind to others it will allow me be kinder to myself.”
  34. “I will always try my best to be kind to everyone.”
  35. “I will always respect someones beliefs.”
  36. “I cannot change what others believe in.”
  37. “Mental health comes before my grades.”
  38. “I will always love myself.”
  39. “If I believe I do not love myself I will work on myself to love myself.”
  40. “I shall always love my flaws.”

Each affirmation on this blog post is by TheCleverBlogger. The affirmations should not be stolen or used without TheCleverBlogger’s permission. 

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Hello! I’m Maddy Finch and I’m the creator of TheCleverBlogger. I am a Canadian living on the east coast who is a part-time blogger, coffee addicted, loves walk and enjoys travelling. I have a passion to blog so I can help other people and I am always trying to help anyone I can.

Mission Statement:

TheCleverBlogger is a Lifestyle Blog. The blog posts you see will be about Home Organization, Productivity, Lifestyle and Goal Setting. TheCleverBlogger is about giving people tips & skills for life that others may not have thought of.

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  1. Love this, we all need to focus on self-care a bit more and put ourselves first. Number 9 is definitely a good one for me, I worry way too much about stuff that I don’t need to and it makes me stress out which I need to work on! x

    Beth | https://bethrebecca.com/


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