10 Self-Care Habits You Need In Your Life

Hello everyone I thought of this blog post self-care habits you need. Everybody needs self-care in their lives, it is good for you and it will make you feel your best.

10 Self-Care Habits You Need In Your Life:

  1. Shower Once Daily

Everybody needs to shower because you do not want to feel gross. Try to shower at least once daily this will cause you to smell good and will allow you to feel better overall. Not showering will leave you feeling gross and possibly smelly which we definitely do not want.

2. Wear Cologne (For Guys) or Wear Perfume (For Girls) 

Unless you are allergic to perfume or cologne I want you to wear it because if you smell good others will like it too. Also, knowing that you smell good will improve your overall confidence and mood. My personal favourite perfume is vanilla which I get at Bath and Body Works at a store in Canada. For the female readers find vanilla perfume at a store it just smells so good!

3. Drink Lots Of Water

If you are a major coffee drinker like myself you need water. Coffee obviously dehydrates you overall since it is a diuretic. Try to drink water even though we all like pop, tea or coffee. If you keep hydrated you will feel a lot better and will possibly have more energy too!

4. Get Proper Sleep

We all need that good night sleep! Try to at least get 8-10 hours of sleep per night so you are well rested and will have more energy for the following day. Do not forget getting to much sleep you can also feel more fatigued as well. Try to find a balance in your sleep schedule and figure out what amount of hours of sleep you need for yourself.

5. Have A Clean Space

Tidy up your home folks! If we live in a constant mess it adds more stress to our lives. You need to make time in your schedule to clean so you do not feel overwhelmed. Having a clean space causes our mind not to be foggy but clear.

6. Put Plants In Your Home

If you are like me a major home buddy who does not like to go out of your home very much, you need those plants! Putting plants in your home gives you the idea of being outside. Plants in your home will lift your overall mood. Try putting some possible plants near your window (real ones), and it will allow your home to have a sense of nature inside of it, and will make yourself feel better.

7. Use Deodorant 

I doubt we want to go out on a hot day, appear all sweaty and stink. Yes I know their are all days where we have most likely forgotten our deodorant which is normal. The point is I want you to feel fresh and not stink which I know others would want for everyone (hopefully) too. So use your deodorant!

8. Use Makeup (For Females)

I know when I put my makeup on I tend to appear more confident and it can overall lift my mood. I love my face without makeup but sometimes wearing makeup makes me overall feel better. Using makeup expresses your feminine side of yourself. If you don’t use makeup that often (like me) try it once in awhile and see how you feel. I guarantee you will feel somewhat more better and confident.

9. Buy New Clothes

Everyone loves new clothes and having new clothes will make you feel more stylish. I hope you don’t have a overload of clothes that you don’t use. I hope you may decide to declutter some of them but that is another blog post topic. Buying new clothes you will appear more confident and I hope you will love your new clothes! So every once in awhile buy some new clothes people!

10. Treat Yourself

We all need to treat ourselves once in awhile and this is absolutely fine. Obviously we all don’t want to eat endless junk food but having a treat once in awhile won’t hurt. We battle with life which has constant up and down’s so I don’t think treating yourself every once in awhile is extremely horrible.



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