My 50 Simple Things That Make Life Extraordinary

Hey lovely followers! I found this challenge from a fellow blogger on twitter. Her website is here: . I never have done a personal blog post other then lifestyle posts before, so I thought you may all want to learn some new things about myself. I hope you enjoy this blog post!

I’d love to hear what are three of your things that make your life extraordinary? Comment on this blog post, once you scroll down to the bottom.

50 Simple Things That Make Life Extraordinary:

1. Peppermint Mocha Coffee:
I love the smell and taste of the peppermint mocha coffee. It tastes extraordinary and I enjoy it very much.
2. Regular Coffee:
I love the taste of the coffee. It wakes me up in the mornings, which I am thankful for. I don’t tend to like the smell as much even though I am a coffee addict. This may be surprising for all of you but it is the way it is.
3. Pumpkin Pie:
Pumpkin Pie to myself is delightful. I love everything that tastes like pumpkin not only pumpkin pie.
4. Blogging:
I love blogging because I love the fact that I am helping people around the world. Blogging is something that I can do in my quite boring life. I love my readers and the comments that they give me. I love the fact that also people take time to read my blog posts. When people read my blog posts it shows me that I am helping more and more people.
5. Friends:
Friends are all something we need in our lives. I love my friends that I do have which is few. It gives me the option to share ideas and thoughts to them. They also give me a sense of belonging and make me feel like I am not all alone in the world.
6. Family:
Family is something that I love. Even though all of my siblings are not in my life, I have aunts and parents who care deeply about me. I am thankful for the family I do have in my life. They help me in ways unthinkable and treat me like I am a equal.
7. My Cat Sophie:
My cat sophie is lovable and I love cuddling with her. She follows me around everywhere and she makes me feel like I am not alone, which I love.
8. Keurig Machine:
Keurig machine makes coffees and teas. I personally only drink the coffee out of the variety. The Keurig machine coffee tastes so much better then regular coffee you make.
Facebook gives you the option to find people who you have simiar interests too and allows you to connect with people around the world. I am thankful that Facebook was created so you can even talk to friends and families if they are far away.
10. Helping People:
I love helping people and sharing my ideas with them. Helping people makes me happier especially when people benefit from my ideas or advice.
11. Chocolate Cakes:
Chocolate cake is amazing! It tastes so good and it is like heaven to me. I am thankful for chocolate cake in my life.
12. Cinnamon Rolls:
I love cinnamon rolls! Even though they have so much sugar and carbs it is alright for a once in awhile treat. I am thankful for cinnamon rolls.
13. Ceaser Salad:
I love the taste and smell of ceaser salad. Ceaser salad is amazing and it is a healthy option you can choose besides the fat in the dressing.
14. Electronic Dance Music:
I love EDM it gives me a rush of adrenaline sometimes and it is so nice to listen too. This is a major thing that is apart of my life and I am thankful for.
15. Trap Music:
Trap Music most people are unaware of and have never heard of it. Trap music is nice to listen too and I love the bass and beats of trap music. If you do not know what it is check it out. You may not like some songs but keep searching!
16. My Pomeranian “Delia”:
Delia is an amazing dog. She knows so many words and she gives unconditional love to you. I am glad Delia is in my life.
17. Swimming:
Swimming is amazing, I love swimming. You can exercise and it is the one sport that you do not feel your sweat with *laughs*. Swimming makes life extraordinary.
18. Hot-Tubs:
Hot-tubs are a nice way to relax even though if I am in it to long I start getting light-headed. Hot-tubs are amazing!
19. Learning New Things:
I love everything that has to do with learning, if it is something I am interested in. I have binders with artices I print off and put the information in them. I love re-reading them when I have the time too.
20. Criminology:
I love learning about the dark minds of people. I’ve always wanted to be a criminologist and work in the police field. I love learning about people and figuring them out. So that is something major about how I love criminology.
21. Psychology:
I love learning about the mind and the ways people think. Psychology is something that is exciting and intriguing.
22. Walking:
Walking is a light form of exercise and I love walking! Walking gives your mind a chance to breathe and is good for clearing your mind.
23. Winter:
I love almost everything that has to do with winter. Winter is so amazing and it is a nice feeling. Winter is also my favourite season. I love the snowflakes at night because, it looks like the stars are falling from the sky.
24. Autumn:
Autumn I love the tree colours. Autumn brings a variety of different tree colours and it is so nice. It is amazing how the trees automatically know that winter is coming.
25. Cooler Weather:
I hate humid weather so this is why I love cooler weather. Cooler weather I find it so much easier to breathe so this is why I love cooler weather.
26. Cleaning:
Cleaning is better then cooking in my opinion! I love cleaning because it is nice to be in a surrounding that is clean.
27. Home Organization:
I love home organization ideas and I try my best to keep my bedroom organized. Being organized helps clear the mind.
28. Electronics:
I love electronics and learning about them. Electronics stop you from being bored. Which is a nice thing.
29. Internet:
I love internet because it gives you a sense of connecting with people. The internet is a delightful thing if it is not abused.
30. TV Shows:
TV Shows seize boredom and are interesting to watch! I love TV Shows, if the show interests me.
31. Horror Movies:
Horror movies are very thrilling and interesting. Horror movies I love and I don’t really know why I just simply enjoy them.
32. Comedy Movies:
Comedy movies can be so funny. If you are having a bad day a comedy movie is the way to go. I love comedy movies.
33. Halloween:
Halloween is a season where you can show your creative side. I love Halloween and it is very interesting.
34. Christmas:
Christmas is a time to be thankful of what you have in your life. I love Christmas dinner and being with my parents for it.
35. Thanksgiving Dinner:
Thanksgiving dinner is awesome. I love my potatoes, gravy and turkey. Thanksgiving is a time to also be thankful for what you have.
36. Strawberry Rhubarb Pie
Strawberry Rhubarb Pie is so delicious. Especially for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. I love it!
37. Peppermint Tea:
I very rarely drink it but I love peppermint tea it is so delicious.
38. Action Movies:
Action movies are awesome! I love actions movies they have a thrill to them and you never know what is going to happen next with these movies.
39. Tom Hardy (Actor):
Tom Hardy is a great actor and he is my celebrity crush. I love his comedy movie “This Means War”!
40. Koala Bears:

Koala Bears are so cute and I would love to hold one or cuddle one. I love Koala Bears!
41. Kittens:
Kittens are so cute but you need to watch them because they can be a disaster at times! I still love kittens anyways though!
42. Popcorn:
Popcorn is a great snack and with butter it is so good! Popcorn is amazing.
43. Poetry:
I love poetry that you can relate too. It gives you an understanding that you are not alone and you are good in life.
Quotes I love ones that I can relate too. Quotes are awesome and I love reading them.
45. is a place where you can help people by answering their questions. I love helping people with the knowledge that I have so I love Quora!
Tumblr is amazing site. I personally have a Tumblr account and I love reblogging images that I think are awesome or that I can relate too.
Obviously this is where I blog and I love blogging as already mentioned.
Pinterest helps grow my blog. Pinterest you can also see other bloggers post and you can learn on there.
I have a Twitter account for my blog and it is awesome to meet other fellow bloggers as well. I also love Twitter because I can share my content.
50. Giraffes:
I don’t know why but I think giraffes are so cute! I love giraffes.

Well there you go folks their are my 50 things that I believe makes like extraordinary. These are all the things that I enjoy in life and make my life great.


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