8 Reasons You Need To Accept Everyone

Hello everybody today’s blog post will consist of the reasons why you need to accept everyone. Accepting everyone is key to living a happy life. If you accept everyone you will not be worried about people as much as you are now.

Reasons You Need To Accept Everyone:

1) You Will Worry Less

If you accept everyone for who they are you will worry less. Accepting everyone no matter their flaws or habits will allow you to worry less about a potential outcome from people. You need to be worried if they pose a risk to you but if they do not pose a risk to you, you don’t need to worry about them. Accepting everyone you will have less sttess in your life.

2) Everyone Has A Story
Everyone has their own life story and has been through a lot in their life. Every single person has either went through traumatic or stressful events in their life. You cannot judge someone because you have no idea what they could have gone through in their life. Accepting everyone, you are also accepting their past as well.

3) See The Good Things
If you start accepting everyone instead of seeing the bad things about people you will see the good things in people. If you are judgmental of people most people you see you will judge them about something. Accepting everyone you will start to see the good qualities a person has instead of basing ideas on their appearance or personality, solely on your outcome of the person.

4) Everyone Is Special
Every single person has something that is special about them. Everyone at least has one talent, so if you accept everyone you are also accepting the goodness in them. If you accept everyone you are also accepting their special qualities as well. If you get to know the person by accepting them you could learn something that they are special in. Even if a person is completely rude they still will have some talent or will have a good quality.

5) Appearance Is Not Everything
If you consider a person ugly, appearance is not everything. It is the inside which matters about the person not how they look. Just because you consider a person ugly, does not mean that they are entirely a bad person. They could potentially be one of the nicest person you meet in your life. Do not base appearance on your outcome of a person and consider them horrible.

6) Accept People Who Are Rude
I am not saying by accepting you have to be friends with someone who is rude. If you accept someone for who they are even if they are rude, you will have an easier life. Instead of complaining about the wrong someone has done to you, if you simply accept they are a rude person you will be happier. Their is no need to complain about the person, simply accept them.

7) You Do Not Have To Have Friends
If you do not have common interests with the person or click with them you do not have to be friends with them. All you need to do is accept someone for who they are. By accepting someone you do not have to be friends with every single person, like I mentioned in number six.

8) Accept A Persons Past
Just because someone has a bad past does not mean that their past is happening in their present now. If someone has a terrifying past you still need to accept them for who they are. You do not need to be around that person if it is still happening, but you can accept their past.


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  1. This is such a lovely post. I haven’t read something so light hearted and positive in a while and I am so happy I stumbled across it. I absolutely love getting to know new people and accepting them as they are, because that’s what makes people amazing and what makes us amazing! Can’t wait to read more from you girl! Stay spooky, and most importantly stay kind and awesome!

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  2. What a truly lovely post. Since I have started to adopt some of these things I feel so much better with myself, which is so important. Life is all about living and there is absolutely no time to waste feeling bitter and negative towards others. This post is a wonderful reminder of that. I’ve followed your blog and look forward to reading more great content. Lois xx

    Liked by 1 person

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