5 Ways To Minimize Your Stress

Hello everybody today’s blog post will be five ways you can minimize your stress. We all have a certain level of stress in our lives. This blog post will help you with ways you can minimize your stress.

  • Meditation

Meditation is a great way to minimize your stress. If you meditate this will allow you to be in a calmer state. There are some meditation applications on the app store of your electronic devices. Downloading one of the apps walks you through meditation. If you want to try some mediation try downloading a meditation application. There are also meditation YouTube videos that you can look at.

  • Colouring

I personally like to colour with meditation music from YouTube before I go to bed. Colouring allows you to make beautiful art and allows yourself to get into a calmer state to not feel stress. Colouring also allows you to focus on colouring and not focus on the stress in your life. Print off some colouring pages or buy yourself a colouring book.

  • Yoga

Yoga allows you to warm up your muscles and allows you to get into a calmer state as well. Yoga is good for your muscles, mind and body. Yoga puts your body in to a relaxation state. So try to do some yoga every once in awhile or daily. There are yoga YouTube videos and there are yoga instructions on websites.

  • Bathing

Having a bath relaxes your muscles and also allows you to put yourself into a calmer state. I love baths especially when it is winter, since it is cold bathing is really nice. I know lots of people love baths so try one if you are feeling stressed out.

  • Workout

Try working out if you are feeling stressed. Working out will allow yourself to focus on working out instead of focusing on the stress that you are experiencing. I love working out as well, so I can feel healthier and not as depressed. If you have depression studies have shown that if you work out it helps your depression.



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  1. I love doing them adult colouring books to calm myself down when I’m feeling stressed, they just require so much concentration that you can sit down for 20 minutes and lose yourself in it. Another thing I find calming when I’m stressed or anxious is like ASMR Videos which seems weird and creepy but low voices and certain sounds just really zone me out and help my head unwind itself. Great post and some good ideas on how to relax especially in these hectic times in our life!
    Alex x

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