6 Things I Am Grateful For

1) My Parents

  • My parents have helped me out a lot financially which I am grateful for. They offer me support and give their best advice if I need it. They always warn me about certain people in my life and they end up being usually right. My parents are always there for me when I need them. My parents love me a lot and care for me and I do as well.

2) My Home

  • Some people in the world do not have somewhere to live. I am thankful for having a roof over my head and somewhere to stay. I could not imagine not having somewhere to live. I have water, heat, air conditioning, and hydro which some people don’t have in the world. Having a home is something I am extremely grateful for.

3) Canada Free Health-Care

  • I have a Tumblr account and I am always hearing about how people in America have mental illness and they cannot afford proper mental health care. This is upsetting that some people around the world like in America, if they don’t have insurance they cannot receive proper health-care. I am grateful for that I have free health-care for almost everything, especially hospital’s. If something happened to me like cancer, I don’t have to worry about going into debt and wondering how I am going to afford the costs.

4) Food And Drinks

  • Similar to number two, some people in the world are starving to death and do not have any water. I am grateful that I have food and something to drink every single day. I could not imagine being a person somewhere in the world that are starving to death and having nothing to drink as well.

5) Music

  • Music is a huge part of my life, without music I would be devastated. Music is something that keeps me alive and makes me happy. Music is amazing and some of the music I listen to I can relate to it. Music puts my emotions into words I can never think of sometimes. Many people in the world live for music and without it many people would be upset without it.

6) Coffee

  • I absolutely love coffee! Coffee tastes so good and without coffee my world would be horrible! Coffee helps me calm down (surprisingly) and gives me a boost in the morning to stay awake. Coffee is lovely and I like tea too but coffee is better (in my opinion).


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Hello! I’m Maddy Finch and I’m the creator of TheCleverBlogger. I am a Canadian living on the east coast who is a part-time blogger, coffee addicted, loves walk and enjoys travelling. I have a passion to blog so I can help other people and I am always trying to help anyone I can.

Mission Statement:

TheCleverBlogger is a Lifestyle Blog. The blog posts you see will be about Home Organization, Productivity, Lifestyle and Goal Setting. TheCleverBlogger is about giving people tips & skills for life that others may not have thought of.

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  1. There is something I would like to add
    The ability to feel grateful.
    This feeling is at the top of my personal gratitude list.
    “Happiness is wanting what you have
    Not having what you want”

    Loved your list.
    It is mine too. Thank you for writing it down.


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