Bloggers Share Their Favourite Self-Care

Hello everybody today’s blog post will be about three bloggers sharing their favourite self-care activity. Self-care is a vital need in everybody’s lives. Here are four bloggers favourite self-care activity including me.

Amber | 

My favourite self care activity is what I like to call a ‘full cleanse’. This means having a bath or a shower and making sure that I do all of the things I may do on different days in the same day. For me this will usually begin with me brushing my hair to get rid of any knots and then coating it in conditioner. Then I put on a face mask to bring out my pores. Then I’ll run a bath with my favourite bath salts (Baylis and Harding) leaving the conditioner and face mask on. When the bath is run I wash off the conditioner before shampooing and then conditioning again. I wash off the face mask and shave if I think it’s necessary. Once I’ve cleaned everywhere I get out of the bath and put on a moisturizing body lotion, moisturizer and hair mousse.

I do this because it is like hitting reset on your body. When you feel a little down then sometimes you don’t look after your personal hygiene. It’s nice feeling like you’ve covered all bases so that you can completely start fresh on your health and well being from there on. It’s also a nice feeling to pamper yourself every once in a while.

Athy | 

The best way of telling your body ‘I love you’ is by developing self care activities.  Turning these activities into habits can either make or break us, as Samuel Smiles puts it: ‘sow a thought and you reap an act; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny.’ As a result a energizing morning rituals are one of my favourite self-care activities.

My top morning rituals include:

1) Having two glasses of water immediately after waking up (has several health benefits.)
2) Five minutes of meditation and prayer
3) Five/ten minutes of physical exercise

I love this morning self-care activity because it creates a positive energy and state of mind needed to face the day.

Maddy |

My favourite self-care activity would be having baths and colouring.

Having baths calms your body down and helps me with my chronic pain I experience. Bathing is such a nice self-care activity because it is relaxing.
Colouring is an amazing self-care activity because it allows you to distract your thoughts on something else. Colouring distracts the mind which is beneficial if you always have racing thoughts. Colouring is also very relaxing.

These are the reasons why bathing and colouring are my favourite self-care activities.

Gabrielle Allison |

My favourite self-care activity is relaxing with a face mask. I think everyone can safely do this at least two to three times a week. Not only does using a face mask make your skin nice and smooth, it is also really relaxing.

I recently used a lavender face mask and I found that it really helped calm my anxiety. Face masks often do that, combining skin care with aromatherapy to make you feel and look great.

I also have found that doing a face mask every few days isn’t too disruptive to your nightly routine. My favorite face masks are paper sheet masks, but I do like a good peel-off or mud mask at times. I definitely feel like this simple and quick self-care activity has made my life a little easier and a less stressful in the past few months!

Osi Okoye |

One of my favourite self-care is trimming my hair.  I have 4c natural Afro hair, and in my case my hair grows super slow but what I find is regardless of the pace of the hair growth, trimming is absolutely essential because in the end without a trim your hair would be stunted and won’t grow and worst of all, the damage will carry on and in the end you will lose hair whether you want to or not.

I have a crazy obsession with hair which i’m always being told off for by my mother. I used to be so in love with straight white hair but I’ve gradually fallen back in love with mine, although others say you can do so much with mine, I’m always confused because it’s hard to do and takes a very long time. However, I keep on going. I keep my hair regularly trimmed and I attempt to learn new styles i can do. As a braider of my hair and the repulsing idea of others touching my hair, it’s in my best interest to learn to be creative with my hair. I have explored as much as I can at the moment learning new skills like banku knots, finger curls and many more.

Trim your hair first and all things will come accordingly, trimming is very important because with 4c hair it is constantly getting tied up in tiny knots or even splitting, and knowing how the body works together, it really does affect the rest of the hair. So trim it out! Also, the joy of cutting your hair is incredible and when yours is so curly and an Afro you hardly have to worry about being uneven.


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  1. Self-care is very important for bloggers. There are few professions where so much is expected of one person. We often neglect ourselves because of this. Thanks for sharing.

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