110 Self-Care Ideas

Hello lovelies today’s blog post will be about self-care ideas that you can use in your life. I’m happy to give you this post of self-care ideas. I am sorry I have not posted in awhile, I  needed a break from blogging.

Self-Care Ideas:

  1. Listen to meditation music
  2. Have a relaxing bath
  3. Meditate
  4. Have a shower
  5. Do a foot bath
  6. Meditate with your thoughts
  7. Go for a walk
  8. Do a yoga routine
  9. Get hydrated
  10. Read a self-help book
  11. Do a face mask
  12. Take your vitamins
  13. Talk with a therapist
  14. Drink some soothing tea
  15. Make a financial plan
  16. Create a vision board
  17. Write down list of goals
  18. Write down things you are grateful for
  19. Write down some affirmations for yourself
  20. Bake yourself something delicious
  21. Go for a run
  22. Soak up some sun
  23. Go tanning (with sunscreen)
  24. De-clutter your home
  25. Organize your home
  26. Clean up your home
  27. Listen to some relaxing music
  28. Pop up some bubble wrap
  29. Have a bubble bath
  30. Use Epsom salts in your bath
  31. Leave yourself a love note
  32. Call up a family member or friend
  33. Get some fresh air
  34. Buy some plants for your home
  35. Buy some flowers
  36. Garden
  37. Do some deep breathing
  38. Play your favourite board game with someone
  39. Sign up for a sports class
  40. Go swimming
  41. Try out a new coffee/tea shop near you
  42. Drink some delicious coffee
  43. Drink your favourite drink
  44. Try out some new food
  45. Bake your favourite recipe
  46. Cook a new recipe that you have been wanting to try
  47. Join a support group
  48. Plan a movie night
  49. Go out to the movies with a friend
  50. Go to a park and relax
  51. Unplug from technology for an hour
  52. Drink a glass of water
  53. Unfollow negative people on social media
  54. Watch the clouds
  55. Try a guided meditation
  56. Relax your muscles
  57. Play with a pet
  58. Cuddle with a pet
  59. Listen to songs for depression
  60. Listen to songs for anxiety
  61. Have a solo dance party
  62. Read a good back
  63. Draw or paint
  64. Make a to-do list
  65. Watch the sunrise
  66. Go for a drive
  67. Adopt a new hobby
  68. Explore Google earth
  69. Watch some TedTalks
  70. Memorize a short poem
  71. Pamper yourself
  72. Go to the library
  73. Explore your neighbourhood
  74. Learn origami
  75. Take a long deep breath
  76. Watch the sunset
  77. Call a Hotline
  78. Make a collage on a bulletin board
  79. Braid your hair
  80. Clean something
  81. Listen to a podcast
  82. Listen to an self-help podcast
  83. Do your laundry
  84. Look at the stars
  85. Cook or bake
  86. Change your clothes
  87. Buy some new clothes
  88. Brush your teeth
  89. Brush your hair
  90. Craft something
  91. Pet your animal
  92. Journal
  93. Walk the dog
  94. Repeat an affirmation
  95. Check something off your bucket list
  96. Create a bucket list
  97. Eat mindfully
  98. Have a power nap
  99. Get your nails done
  100. Spend quality time with your loved ones
  101. Get into bed early
  102. Organize your makeup
  103. Sit in the sunshine
  104. Cozy up in a few blankets
  105. Read inspiring quotes
  106. Colour
  107. Diffuse essential oils
  108. Re-read a favourite book
  109. Do a DIY project
  110. Watch one of your favourite movies



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