Ideas For The Perfect Morning Routine

Hello everybody! Today’s blog post will consist of ideas for your perfect morning routine. I just wanted to thank all my readers for commenting, liking and reading my content! I love every single one of you! I hope you all enjoy today’s blog post.

1) Have a glass of water:

Having a glass of water is great for the morning. Instead of having coffee or tea try having a glass of water instead. Having too much caffeine can surprisingly cause you to be more tired then you already are. Try avoiding pop as well, since it contains a lot of sugar and the diet pops contain aspartame which is not good for you. Water is the best thing to drink.

2) Do some yoga:

Doing some yoga in the morning is great! Doing yoga awakens your body and mind. If you do some yoga in the morning it will cause you to be more awake and awaken your muscles. Yoga is a great choice for a morning routine. So possibly try some yoga in the morning sometime!

3) Have breakfast:

Having breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Always make sure you have breakfast in the morning. Breakfast gives you the brain power for the entire day, so make sure you have your breakfast! You will feel more awake as well having breakfast and you will have more energy.

4) Do a cardio workout:

Doing a cardio workout in the morning will wake you up in no time! Doing a cardio workout is so healthy for you and will wake you up. Doing a cardio workout is also healthy for you as well! So try a cardio workout sometime! You will thank me later!

5) Journal & To Do List

Journaling is awesome for the mind and calming your nerves. I recommend doing a grateful journal. This involves writing down what you are grateful for. I also recommend writing a to do list for the day. You can use a journal for writing your to do list or just use a plain scrap of paper. This way you have your goals of the day and you can accomplish them.


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