4 Self-Care Tips For Introverts

1. Have Alone Time For Yourself

As a introvert you need time alone for yourself. As you know always going to parties or seeing friends drain an introvert. I know if I go out to much myself, I get extremely exhausted. Make sure you have some alone time for yourself so you can recharge. Try to not go out to much so you get exhausted all the time.

2. Know Your Boundaries

Knowing your boundaries as an introvert is needed. If you do not like people touching you or hugging you, you need to express your concerns. If a friend is always bugging you to see them every single day, you also need to express your boundaries. Sometimes introverts cannot see a friend everyday because it is very exhausting for them. Make sure you have boundaries and if someone is crossing your boundaries tell them.

3. Know Your Limits

Knowing your limits as an introvert is needed. Try to find out where your limits are and how much time you can spend around other people, before you get exhausted. Knowing your limits as an introvert will make it easy for you to adapt to social situations. Also, try to figure out what your limits are in conversations.

4. Figure Out Who You Want To Be Your Friend

If you figure out what type of friends you want this will be much easier for you as an introvert. Having friends that do not match up with your desires and interests can be very exhausting for an introvert. If you find out what type of friends you like and want this will be easier for you a an introvert to be around them.

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