About Me

By using the CleverBlogger, you will acquire the tips and skills that you can use in your life that others may not have thought of. For example, the CleverBlogger creates original ideas, not rehashes of others blog tips. This means you can gain new ways of thinking about your blog that are only available by using the CleverBlogger.

About Me:

Hello! I am Maddy Finch and I am the creator of TheCleverBlogger. I am a Canadian who is living in Ontario Canada. I am a part-time blogger that is coffee addicted, a lover for going on walks, enjoys exercise and loves travelling. I have a passion to blog so I can help other people and I am always trying to help anyone I can with my blog.

Mission Statement:

TheCleverBlogger is a lifestyle blog and is a blog for everyone across the globe. The blog posts you see will be about home organization, productivity, goal setting/goals, self-care and other topics.

TheCleverBlogger’s writing should not be used unless you contact TheCleverBlogger in the “About Me” section and get permission to use TheCleverBlogger’s work. Anyone who publishes TheCleverBlogger’s work and did not get permission is considered a crime and plagiarism. Please be generous considering the fact that TheCleverBlogger takes a lot of hard work and dedication for their work.