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Hello! I’m Maddy Finch and I’m the creator of TheCleverBlogger. I am a Canadian living on the east coast who is a part-time blogger, coffee addicted, loves walk and enjoys travelling. I have a passion to blog so I can help other people and I am always trying to help anyone I can.

Mission Statement:

TheCleverBlogger is a Lifestyle Blog. The blog posts you see will be about Home Organization, Productivity, Lifestyle and Goal Setting. TheCleverBlogger is about giving people tips & skills for life that others may not have thought of.

Decluttering Craft Supplies

Decluttering Craft Supplies can be hard especially if the Craft Supplies are for a Hobby. If you want to Declutter some Craft Supplies these are the Questions you should ask yourself. Questions To Ask Yourself When Decluttering Craft Supplies: 1) Is the Craft Supply in stable condition? Is it Damaged or Broken? ~ If the…

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