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8 Ways To Use An Empty Notebook

Hello everyone! Today’s blog post will be about 8 ways you can fill your empty notebooks! Myself, I am addicted to buying new journals I always have unused journals laying around, and I never use them. This blog post will tell you how to use your empty notebooks! 1. Bullet Journal Using a bullet journal…

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110 Self-Care Ideas

Hello lovelies today’s blog post will be about self-care ideas that you can use in your life. I’m happy to give you this post of self-care ideas. I am sorry I have not posted in awhile, I  needed a break from blogging. Self-Care Ideas: Listen to meditation music Have a relaxing bath Meditate Have a…

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Bloggers Share Their Favourite Self-Care

Hello everybody today’s blog post will be about three bloggers sharing their favourite self-care activity. Self-care is a vital need in everybody’s lives. Here are four bloggers favourite self-care activity including me. Amber |  My favourite self care activity is what I like to call a ‘full cleanse’. This means having a bath or a shower…

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